Slightly Failed Macaron Experiments – Raspberry Lemonade

Hello fellow Bootleg Cooks!  I’m finally back after a long blogging hiatus.  I’ve been in hibernation mode preparing for a very important exam and contemplating the next steps in my future.  I’m happy to report that my future is looking bright!

Anyways, several MONTHS ago (I know, I’m terrible…RAWR ಠ_ಠ)  I fell into the habit of making yummies for my office colleagues.  On one particular day, I decided to try my hand at one of my favorite afternoon tea cookies, the french macaron!  Though they never formed feet and are most certainly flawed, these little cookies still managed to wow my colleagues with both their explosive flavor and texture.  Still learning, but definitely a win!

Vanilla Macarons with Raspberry Cream

Raspberry Lemonade Macarons

Recipe after the jump!

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