Mini Fruit Tarts with Chocolate Custard

Last week, in between super speedy trips to Zhongshan and Shanghai (alas, for business, not pleasure) I had a sudden urge to make some not-so-traditional fruit tarts with a chocolate custard filling.

I (and probably many of you, too)  have a not-so-secret on again, off again love affair with chocolate.  Sometimes I’ll want to put it in anything and everything and other times, I just don’t even want to smell it.  To be honest though, most of the time my sudden aversion to chocolate is just due to the fact that I’ve already inhaled four full bars of extra dark Godiva in the last two days. Last Monday, the chocolate affair was definitely on.  Forget boring, old vanilla cream.  I needed my chocolate fix, and there was no stopping me–I was going to get my chocolate on!

These little tarts may look impressive, but they are remarkably easy to make.  Fresh blueberries, kiwi and raspberry on a dollop of rich, mousse-like chocolate custard, delicately cupped in a crumbly, “buttery” golden tartlet crust–be prepared, it will definitely be a challenge to fight the urge to eat them all throughout the assembly process.

Fruit Tarts!Full recipe after the jump

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