New Year’s in Hong Kong: Some tips on places to stay, what to visit, where to eat and how not to be trampled in LKF

At the end of 2012, I was blessed with a visit from my boo (you can all call him Mr. Bootleg Cook–just kidding Dan is fine), who just so happens to be a very talented amateur photographer.  I’d been feeling a little homesick so we decided to spend New Year’s in Hong Kong, one of the few places in Asia that makes me forget that I’m not in New York.  Great western cuisine, herds of people who have no sense of personal space, grungy tiny spaces and English being spoken everywhere — definitely a welcomed break from the Mainland.

I’ve put together a little “guide” of sorts, covering pretty much every place Dan and I visited (as well as suggestions for places that we regretfully missed).  Food, shops, bars, tourist traps and a few frugal tips here and there–check them out and maybe even incorporate them into your own HK travels!

*Disclaimer – 100% of these photos are phone pics*

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