Canned Wine and My New “Go-To” Grocery Store

A friend of mine recently asked me to help with a global postcard project that she’s setting up for her kindergarten class (check out her adorable blog here:  I jumped onboard, because honestly, cutest idea ever and how cool would it be for her kindergarteners to get a postcard from Guangzhou, China?   Now back in the New York this would have been the easiest task ever–run downstairs to any one of the gazillion tourists shops to buy a city specific postcards, maybe go next door to a Duane Reade for some stamps and drop it off in a mail box that can be found on the end of every block.  In Guangzhou, a city where the tourism industry is less of focus than its industrial expansion, not so easy.

You will ONLY be able to find stamps in a legitimate post office and no, a Postal Savings Bank of China (中国邮政储蓄银行) will not work, unless it’s attached to a China Post.

If you’re looking for postcards in Guangzhou, the best place to go is either the giant bookstore (广州购书中心 - Guangzhou Book Store) right across the street from the Tianhe Athletic Center (it’s like five stories tall, you can’t miss it) or a China Post.  There’s actually one right behind OneLink Walk Shopping Mall that was pretty empty today.  It was only 4.50元 in stamps to send a postcard to the US.

In other news, I’ll be posting two recipes this week–one for a baked fish with a minced ginger-garlic-scallion sauce and another for a Chinese egg-scallion pancake, a traditional “YUMZ” that is a healthy, low-calorie alternative to scallion pancakes.  I also have a new favorite grocery store!  The store, named “Whole Life,” just opened on the top foor of OneLink Walk Shopping Mall.  I have to say, the prices are phenomenal, especially compared to Ole Supermarket across the street in Taikoo Hui.  The selection of imported foods is also pretty good, not as thorough as Ole just yet, but I’m sure it will get there.

I’ll end today with a “OMG-WTH!”  I found some canned wine in the 7-Eleven type convenience store in my apartment complex (FamilyMart – 全家).

Not sure what kind of headache I’ll get for 38元 canned wine, but hey, tomorrow’s Sunday and my new guitar came in.  I’ll take the risk 🙂


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