Carrots and Apples and Eggplants, OH MY! Crispy, Homemade, ANYTHING Chips

When I started this blog, I gave myself a goal to post at least every other day. Well I haven’t made good on that promise. SORRY! I’ve been pretty swamped lately not to mention a little sleep deprived from my trip to Shanghai.  As a result, I’ve been downright lazy in the kitchen, just heating up frozen leftovers for dinner, hehe.   To make it up to you, I’ll be posting two recipes back-to-back.

Back in college, I was a huge snacker, especially during finals season when there was a 85% chance you’d find me surrounded by bags of cheesy Goldfish, Pringles, SunChips and Chex Mix…not cute.  Today I’m a little more health conscious.  I still love snacking, but on baked homemade chips that are not only just as delicious, but also packed with nutrients and low in calories.  What’s great with this “recipe” is that you can use it with virtually anything!  Fruit, veggies, even cheese.  Interested?  Keep reading!



  • Some kind of vegetable or fruit (or even cheese if you want!) – Carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, pears, they all work well 🙂
  • Cinnamon if you’re making fruit chips
  • Salt, pepper and cayenne if you’re making veggie chips
  • THAT’S IT!

Yes, it’s really that simple.  Just slice your fruits/veggies with a mandolin or vegetable peeler, heck you can just use a knife if you want to! Just make sure to slice thinly so your chips will be crispy instead of soft.  Space out your rounds on a parchment paper (easier to remove your chips without breaking them), season and put them in the oven at 225F or ~105C for anywhere from 45minutes to an hour.  The low temperature will dry out your chips without burning them.  You can pretty much make chips out of anything with this method for a delicious, yet healthy snack!

Eggplant Chips (delicious with Baba Ghanoush)


Cheddar Cheese Chips


Crispy Apple Chips with Cinnamon


Carrot Chips with a Veggie Peeler

*Pro-tip: Use a veggie peeler to make your chips! Run it horizontally across your carrot to slice a round*

Garlic “Chips”

*Pro-tip: Garlic “chips” are delicious in salads, on green bean casseroles, burgers, eggs, yum! A low calorie way to add a ton of flavor*

Other veggies you can use: zucchini, sweet potatoes, radishes, beets, etc.





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